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Subject: Agenda for the Jan 30th Con Call...

We have some very important issues to discuss on Tuesday’s con call. I hope to see as many there as possible.


Agenda for the 1/30/07 Con Call


Call in info:


Tue Jan 30, 11:00 AM EST

Tel: 1-888-384-9090 or

Tel: 1-719-955-1560       

Passcode: 259989



  1. Review Action Items
  2. IPR Transition Update
  3. Errata Status Update
  4. Standard Schema Update
  5. Federated Provisioning Update


Action Items

    • Next draft of the Standard Schema – Gary Cole
    • Standard Schema Input from SAP – Martin Raepple
    • Standard Schema Input from CA – Robert Boucher
    • Next Draft of the Federated Provisioning Profile for SPML 2.0 – Richard Sands
    • First Draft of the Errata – Blaine Busler/Kent Spaulding




Jeff Bohren

13577 Feather Sound Drive, Suite 200, Clearwater, FL 33762

tel: 727.561.9500 x35719







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