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Subject: Errata for ReturnData.Nothing enumeration...

The PS TC is finishing the first set of Errata for SPML 2.0. One issue that has come up is references to a ReturnData.Nothing enumeration in normative text. This was caused by the fact there in an earlier draft of SPML 2.0, there was a ReturnData.Nothing enumeration which was later removed. References to it remain in a few places.


We plan to fix this in the errata to remove all references to ReturnData.Nothing. It was not defined in the XSDs so it is unlikely that it is being used. If anyone knows about SPML 2.0 implementations that make used of ReturnData.Nothing please let me know.


Just to be clear, this errata is to fix a mistake in the SPML 2.0 specification. But the TC would still like to be aware of any issues that this mistake has caused.


Jeff Bohren

13577 Feather Sound Drive, Suite 200, Clearwater, FL 33762

tel: 813.433.5719




Blog: http://talk.bmc.com/blogs/blog-bohren/jeff-bohren/



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