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Subject: RE: [public-sector-cloud-discuss] Proposed new OASIS Technical Committee on Public Administration Cloud Requirements (PACR).

I think this is a useful area to address – taking a look at the UK’s CloudStore shows a variety of approaches taken by vendors but seems to me to give little guidance in the characteristics expected of  the offerings to permit many of their stated requirement on/beliefs in cloud.


The group needs to ensure that the requirements are adequate but not too numerous or onerous to achieve conformance with as that could be seen as being counter to the agility, flexibility and choice that cloud is seen as offering.







Nig Greenaway

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Subject: [public-sector-cloud-discuss] Proposed new OASIS Technical Committee on Public Administration Cloud Requirements (PACR).


Hello everyone and thanks for subscribing to this Discussion List.   The origins of this proposed new Technical Committee (TC) emanate from the highly successful International Cloud Symposium held in London UK last October.  During that event a whole raft of issues were highlighted relating to the deployment of Cloud solutions by Governments and other parts of the Public Sector.  The full report of that event is available at http://events.oasis-open.org/home/cloud/2011.  The suggested scope of this new TC is to address many if not all of those issues and to provide a “template” of requirements  to assist in the development and deployment of a Public Administration Cloud.  Just to emphasise the focus of this work is on the business, legal  and operational requirements and not the technical needs.


To kick-off this discussion I would raise the following initial questions but please feel free to comment on these and raise other points as you see fit.  The objective is to, hopefully, quickly reach a consensus on whether to proceed with the TC and if so to agree an outline Charter.


1.       Do you think it is possible to set down such a list of requirements or do the different legislative and operational needs of Governments make this an impossible task?

2.       Would this work be beneficial and be of value to all Public Sector Cloud stakeholders?

3.       Is anybody aware of any exact or overlapping work?

4.       Are there any other requirements that need to be added to the proposed list set out in the Discussion List announcement?

5.       Would it be correct and useful to refer to the proposed output(s) as a “Standardized SLA”?


I look forward to your contributions to this discussion and if anybody requries further clarification of the poposed scope of work please let me know.  And one final request, please tell your colleagues and other contacts about this Discussion List so that we can have a very full and thorough consideration of the proposal.



John Borras


e.  johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk

m. +(0)44 7976 157745

Skype:  gov3john


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