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Subject: RE: [egov-ms] Possible topic for a new Technical Committee

Interesting – it is either a set-complement to the proposed PACR TC; or challenges us to justify whether PACR should only look at public sector requirements or not.

If they are two distinct committees, there could be many advantages – each concentrating on what is distinctly its own domain; the issues comes with how to deal with requirements which are valid for both public and private sector customers without there being contradictions.

Or is PACR a ‘sub set’ of the problems raised here….


I don’t know the answers but the questions will keep coming I fear…




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Subject: [egov-ms] Possible topic for a new Technical Committee


Members of the eGov Steering Committee,

The Open Data Center Alliance recently produced the attached customer requirement overview. The goal of this document is to encourage and support the development of an open standard framework addressing regulatory compliance needs for cloud computing. (This is one of eight usage models that can be found on the Alliance's web site at http://www.opendatacenteralliance.org/ourwork/usagemodels).

The ODCA produces customer requirements and then collaborates with SDOs like OASIS to produce standards that addresss them. In this case, they have identified the need for standard approaches to understanding and navigating regulatory compliance and governance obligations both for cloud customers and cloud providers as something that must be addressed if cloud computing is to become broadly adopted. If we were to start a TC in this area, the ODCA would contribute in-depth customer requirements as an input to the work.

The attached document spells out the high level requirements they have identified. I believe OASIS has the experts and the track record to tackle this problem effectively.

I'm sharing this with you for two reasons: 1. To see whether you agree that this is a real issue that needs to be addressed and 2. if so, to see if you have any interest (or know others who might have an interest) in talking about how to approach turning this into a Technical Committee.

What do you think? Worth discussing?

Thanks & best regards,

Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration
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