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quomos message

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Subject: FAQ for the QUOMOS TC site (and partly, this message is a test of my ability to email to the group)

As a follow-up to my request for members to submit any questions (and answers) for the QUOMOS FAQ page, here are the set of suggested questions from OASIS. Material addressing any of these questions is gratefully accepted. Just send it back to the list.



1. What is the rationale behind this standardization effort? What is the

motivation of the sponsors/authors?


2. What is the scope of this effort? What is explicitly out-of-scope,

and why?


3. Are there existing comparable or overlapping standards, or comparable

standardization efforts currently under way (inside or outside OASIS)?

How does the work of this technical committee relate to these?

What distinguishes this TC from similar work?

How do the differences add value?


4. Is the product of this technical committee intended to be used in

conjunction with other standards or complementary technologies?

What are these?

How does this work relate to these (is the usage of these complements

mandatory? optional? restricted or profiled?)


5. Can you give some example of concrete applications that will benefit

from standardizing the specifications from this TC?


6. Is it anticipated that TC deliverables will be broadly used,

deployed, and/or implemented?

Or are the deliverables intended for a narrow audience, possibly

including only the TC membership?


7. Do you see external factors that should help a broad acceptance and

deployment of the specifications from this TC?

And factors that may potentially hinder a broad acceptance and deployment?


8. Do you know of companies or industry verticals that have already

expressed interest in using the specification(s) produced by the TC in

their products or services?


9. Regarding the adoption of this specification(s) by a vendor for its

products: is this a decision that vendor companies can make individually,

or are the interoperability aspects important enough to require

industry-wide, coordinated adoption ?


10. Have the authors and their companies considered further ways to

promote the produced specification(s) after completion (PR, marketing,

campaigns, industry consortia....)


11. What are the security implications, if any, of this effort?




Best regards,


Steve Ray and Frank Olken, Co-Chairs






Steven R. Ray, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Fellow

Carnegie Mellon University

NASA Research Park

Building 23 (MS 23-11)
Moffett Field, CA 94305-1000

Email:    steve.r.ray@sv.cmu.edu

Phone: (650) 587-3780

Cell:      (202) 316-6481


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