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quomos message

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Subject: Getting ourselves organized and productive


                In thinking about our upcoming meetings, I’d like to hear what you think you need as collaborators, input, or anything else, to enable you to be as productive as possible in formulating our CLIF version of the QUOMOS standard. Clearly, this version is our anchor, and I want to line ourselves up for success.


Let’s discuss this during the week by email (and/or phone) so that we have something to propose to the committee on the 15th.


-          Steve



Steven R. Ray, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Fellow

Carnegie Mellon University

NASA Research Park

Building 23 (MS 23-11)
Moffett Field, CA 94305-1000

Email:    steve.r.ray@sv.cmu.edu

Phone: (650) 587-3780

Cell:      (202) 316-6481


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