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quomos message

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Subject: QUOMOS teleconference 2010-11-08 Monday, 7 AM PST = 15:00 UTC

QUOMOS Meeting of 2010-11-08

Date: Monday, 08-Nov-2010

Start Time: 7:00 am PST / 10:00 am EST / 3:00 pm GMT / 4:00 pm CET / 15:00 UTC

see world clock for other time zones

Expected Call Duration: 1.0 hours

Conference Call Details:

1. dial-in for QUOMOS TC conference calls:
from a US telephone (US): +1-218-844-8060
When calling in from a phone, use Conference ID: "4591797#"
from Europe, call:
Austria 0820-4000-1577
Belgium 070-35-9992
France 0826-100-280
Germany 01805-00-7642
Ireland 0818-270-037
Italy 848-390-179
Spain 0902-886-056
Switzerland 0848-560-327
UK 0844-581-9148
callers from other countries please dial into either one of the US or
European numbers
domestic long distance cost will apply

Please (if possible, and especially if you have a less-than-ideal
connection) mute your phone, by pressing "*2" on your phone keypad,
when one is not speaking. To un-mute, press "*3"

2. Wiki session page: http://wiki.oasis-open.org/quomos/QUOMOS_Call_2010-11-08

3. In-session chat-room link: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/quomos

4. Shared-screen support (VNC session), if applicable , will be
started 5 minutes before the call at: http://vnc2.cim3.net:5800/
view-only password: "quomos"
if you plan to be logging into this shared-screen option (which the
speaker may be navigating), and you are not familiar with the process,
please try to call in 5 minutes before the start of the session so
that we can work out the connection logistics. Help on this will
generally not be available once the presentation starts.
people behind corporate firewalls may have difficulty accessing this.
If that is the case, please download the [ slides] (when available)
and running them locally. The speaker(s) will prompt you to advance
the slides during the presentation.
note: unless previously arranged, this nominally will not be available.

Frank Olken
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
510-703-2764  (cell phone)

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