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regrep-cc-review-chair message

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Subject: Brian Nielsen Requests Membership in ebXML Registry CC Review SC

Brian Nielsen of Denmark Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation wishes to join ebXML Registry CC Review SC. He or she is eligible for membership based on membership rules for this group.

Please visit http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/regrep/regrep-cc-review/manage/pending_request.php to evaluate this request and to see all of the other pending requests to join this group.

Additional information entered by Brian Nielsen in support of his/her application:

I work for the Danish Goverment, in the Office for Strategic IT. I primarily work on the your XML project, creating guidelines, doing quality assurance and assisting on schema development. Secondarily related eGov work and web service enabling. We have adopted the ebXML Core Components in our data model, and are planning to try out the needed context work.

We have our own registry/repositry and are looking into what it'll take to become (partly) compliant with ebXML reg. Getting new ideas and contributing with our ideas/experiences.

Thank you,

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