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regrep-cc-review message

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Subject: [regrep-cc-review] Conference Call Details and Agenda

Title: Conference Call Details and Agenda

Hi All,
Here are call details and an agenda for our call today. I've also attached the minutes from the last call.  Looking forward to talking with you then!

Minutes from last call:
<<CC- Review minutes april 19.doc>>
Call Details:

CALL DATE: MAY-01-2002 (Wednesday)
USA Toll Free Number: 800-779-6816

LEADER: Ms Lisa Carnahan


1. Approval of last meeting's minutes

2. Minutes taker for this call

3. News from eBTWG front

4. CC Spec - Comment Feedback

5. Discuss "CC Spec Metadata Summary" document (attached)

6. Discuss "Figure 7-3 CC Spec" document (attached)

7. Discuss "Core Component Storage Metadata" section of CC spec (pp.80-84) - determine if anything additional should be included in feedback to CC team

8. Next call - date/time, goals, etc.

Some notes on agenda items:
Item #5 (CC Spec Metadata Summary" document):  This is a new document I created, which summarizes the entities described in the CC spec (Core Component, BIE, etc.), and lists their associated metadata.  It covers pp.69-74 of the CC spec (other spec sections to be added later).  This is a first cut at how I believe these entities could be represented in the Registry.  I'd like to get your feedback on it.

Item #6 ("Figure 7-3 CC Spec" document):  Another new document, similar to the one I created for Figure 7-1.  Narrative example to be added in future.

Resources (in addition to attached documents):

CC Spec v1.8 (latest version)


<<CC Spec Metadata Summary.doc>> <<Figure 7-3 CC Spec.doc>>

  Joseph M. Chiusano
  Logistics Management Institute
  2000 Corporate Ridge
  McLean, VA 22102
  Email: jchiusano@lmi.org
  Tel: 571.633.7722

Attachment: CC- Review minutes april 19.doc
Description: MS-Word document

Attachment: CC Spec Metadata Summary.doc
Description: MS-Word document

Attachment: Figure 7-3 CC Spec.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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