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regrep-cc-review message

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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] Kickoff!


That's my point - we need to get this very clear, I do not
want to cut functionality here to cripple something so it
can only be used for CCTS.

Building a generalized mechanism that supports
CCTS is not IMHO out of scope - its an engineering 

We need to look at how we are going to fulfil the requirement,
and then deliver that.  So long as the CCTS team can start
using it - we've covered off their needs - but I don't think 
they have a mandate to prevent us from making it more 
useful too.

Plus if CCTS already had the answers - we would not have
anything to do.   IMHO - the CCTS is definately only the
start point - not the end point.

Message text written by "Chiusano Joseph"

I fully support your ideas, and definitely think they should be carried
through further. But the goal of this activity is to provide an XML
serialization that complies with the CCTS spec, so that all would be
outside the scope of this activity. I feel we should start by supporting
CCTS in order to lay a foundation - and then build up from there.

Other thoughts?


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