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regrep-cc-review message

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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] Kickoff!

Nikola wrote:

>I can clarify: We pondered that approach several months ago (updating
>RIM to accomodate CCTS requirements), but decided that it was best not
>to touch the RIM, but rather to either (a) create a RIM binding, or (b)
>express the CCTS metadata in XML format, as a "wrapper" to the XML
>representation of the Core Component (i.e. an XML serialization).
>We then decided on approach (b) for several reasons,
>This is somewhat different then what I'd suggested in my earlier post. And,
>I cannot recall that we've decided on (b) -> maybe I missed that decision
I cannot recall a decision in favour of (b) either.

>I am strongly opposed to (b) because it is not our job to define
>"XML wrapper" for CCTS artifacts. In that way we are doing something that is
>step [2] in my earlier post, which is IMO job of UBL and/or other similar
>efforts, not ours.
I was undecided between (a) and (b) earlier but your arguments make me 
agree that (a) is the way to go and that (b) is outside our charter and 
more in the purvue of UBL TC.


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