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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] Re: Mapping Patterns [was: Kickoff!]

Thanks Nicola. That answers the e-mail that I just sent asking you for
another mapping pattern.

Would you be willing to keep a list of these mapping patterns for us?
This will help us create a "RIM binding manual" for other initiatives to
use in creating their own RIM bindings (i.e. one step in a mapping
scenario would be to define the mapping pattern you need to use based on
X available patterns, etc.).

Does anyone have any other suggestions for mapping patterns? If not just
yet, that's ok - they'll fall out of our future discussions.


Nikola wrote:
> <Farrukh>
> >Thanks Diego - But how would you capture in the registry that an
> >ExtrinsicObject is an ABIE (Aggregate Business Information Entity) vs.
> >an ACC (Aggregate Core Component)?
> >
> By defining a hierarchty within the ObjectType scheme for CCTS maybe.
> </Farrukh>
> +1.
> Another pattern -> "ObjectTypeHierarchy"
> Note: I realized that we might want to rename / branch out the thread.
> Nikola
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