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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] What Will RepositoryItem Be? (Was: Re: [regrep-cc-review]Kickoff!)

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Another issue I'd like us to clarify is what a RepositoryItem for a
>CC/BIE would be. Based on our most recent discussions, I think it is
>reasonably clear - but I'd like to just make sure we're all on the same
>The main question here is: "Is there any reason that we should not allow
>for XML representations of Core Components to be stored?"
>David mentioned "XML fragments" in (a) below. This means that (for
>example) a Core Component named "StreetName" could be stored as a single
>element, as shown below (using type "string" for general purposes):
><xsd:element name="StreetName" type="xsd:string"/>
>Of course, this would not be well-formed XML. The CCTS spec also
>specifically states that Core Components are UML models.
>Having said that: 
>We know that we need to comply with the CCTS spec by allowing Core
>Components to be stored as UML models. This can already be done through
>use of an ExtrinsicObject -

> we would simply have to add an ObjectType or
>MimeType that indicates a UML-format Core Component (althought I don't
>believe UML has its own mime type).
See figure below and suggestion.

>Is there any reason that we should not allow for XML representations of
>Core Components to be stored? Please note that this would not be the
>same as an XML serialization for Core Components 
I see no reason to disallow XML reps of CC to be stored.

>- an XML serialization
>would "wrap" the StreetName element above with metadata from the CC spec
>in XML form. This means we would need two "indicators":
>(1) ObjectType = "Core Component"
>(2) Object Format = "XML" or "UML" (could use MimeType)
How about a hierarchy of ObjectType as follows:

                      Core Component
                 |                                    |
    XML Core Componet        UML Core Component


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