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regrep-cc-review message

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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] Kickoff!


I think we need to get an initial set of work done - then open it up
for comment as we go forward.  Also - notice - we would want
these other groups to adopt and bless our work - and so - 
over the course of this year - we can refine and extend things
to cover this off.

I just don;t want these other groups to feel they cannot 
submit stuff to us.  Some of them may have stuff they can
give us right now - I know both UBL and OAG have been
working on creating components from their individual 
vocabularies.  There's other folks too - such as the 
EDIFACT BSR work - that could provide test data for us.

We'd already talked about doing some kind of pilot to
validate - so reaching out to people early - to me - makes
sense.  Once we're confident we've got a pretty decent
base and have enough progress to share.   Even if the 
outcome is 'we can;t do all of that in Phase 1, but we'll take
it as input to Phase 2, etc.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by "Chiusano Joseph"
Do we really believe that this will happen in the timeframe that we have
for this work?


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