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Subject: RE: [regrep-cc-review] How Should UML Be Treated? (Was: Re: [regrep-cc-review] Kickoff!)

> Or you can do what Republica are doing - store XML fragments
> into the registry - that allow the draw tool to read in that and
> render the diagram - but thats proprietary.

Correction: It is NOT proprietary.
- The tool you've seen is RegistryBrowser. Open-source.
- The fragments are stored in ebxmlrr registry. Open-source.
- Proprietary idea? There has been public discussion about
  metadata-only approach to store CC/BIEs
- Proprietary implementation? Which implementation? The Java
  implementation Republica uses on top of JAXR provider (btw,
  open-source)?? Do you need it at all? Isn't it enough to know
  the details on how to interpret RegistryObjects representing
  CCTS objects? I thought this, specifiying the details, was
  what we where trying to do here and that Republica is giving
  its contribution by sharing its experience, not by claiming
  ownership of a standard.

As a matter of fact, Republica plans to have that CCTS Model
implementation as open-source as well, I've been discussing
with Joe when he was asking for submissions, but I couldn't
get it ready on time.

> Our best bet is to come up with a simple XML serialization - that
> can then be utilized by folks like Republica to drive their internal
> rendering applications.

My argument here is we (Registry TC) already have an XML
serialization capable of accomodating CCTS, and that is
called RIM! If we decide to create another, fine, but we
loose (ar can't take advantage of) some work already spent
with RIM.


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