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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] What Will RepositoryItem Be? (Was: Re:[regrep-cc-review]Kickoff!)

Message text written by "Chiusano Joseph"
I can clarify here please: the "basics" are those items defined in
Section 7 of the CCTS spec. As long as we have covered Section 7 of the
CCTS spec using the existing RIM and slots, we have accomplished our


I think you've moved the goal posts from what was proposed two or
three weeks ago at the start of this.

While I'm pleased that - by insisting that we clarify the requirements
upfront before we start - that we are figuring out the intentions and
the goals here that you want to implement.  

However - these are falling well short of the total requirements
from the business perspective IMHO - and not only that - but
also a broader audience beyond that of CCTS alone.

If the decision is that this effort is solely going to focus on 
CCTS - to the exclusion of other requirements - then I 
believe we need to go back to the main Registry TC to
decide what the further go forward should be in addressing
those requirements.

Thanks, DW.

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