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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] Discussion Topics List

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Attached please find the beginnings of a "Discussion Topics" document
>(sort of like an issues list). I will be maintaining this document as
>time goes on so that we can capture the topics we are discussing and
>where we're at in our discussions.
>I'd like to please verify the third topic: "Treatment of UML". The issue
>"Is the registry is expected to "reach in" to the UML model and extract
>the attributes that are defined in CCTS Section 7, and take action on
>them (by registering the UML model with those attribute values assigned
>to the RIM metadata as appropriate)?. Or, is everything that we need
>external to the UML model?"
>The resolution is:
>"Everything we need is external to the UML model - i.e. required
>metadata will be provided with SubmitObjectsRequest message. It is
>highly likely that there will be duplication of information between the
>SubmitObjectsRequest message and the UML model itself, but that is of no
>consequence for us."
>Can someone please confirm that this resolution is correct?
Questions in my mind are:

1) What format is the UML model described in?

2) Is it a standard format?

3) Is it XML?

If the answers to the (2) is YES then we could potentialy define a 
content cataloging binding that will automatically generate ebRIM 
metadata from UML model upon submission. If the answer to (3) is YES 
then content cataloging binding would require us to specify and XSLT 
syle sheet.

If the answer to (2) is NO then the resolution you prpose is correct and 
it will be the submitters responsibility to submit ebRIM metadata along 
with UML model.


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