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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] CCTS Requirement [S7] - p.76

Please see comments inline marked with <JMC>.

Diego Ballvé wrote:
> Joe,
> This is a real mind-puzzler!
> > CCTS Requirement [S7] states "Stored Aggregate Core Components shall
> > include an Object Class Term". Earlier this week I questioned the fact
> > that an ACC can have only an Object Class Term (in terms of the 11179
> > Data Element Name parts), not the other 2 parts (Property Term and
> > Representation Term). Upon closer examination of the spec, I believe
> > that an ACC does indeed include these other 2 Data Element
> > Name parts.
> I don't think so. I'll show you why:
> > Requirement [S4] states that  ACC's include all attributes of CC's.
> Ok.
> > Per requirement [S10], a Core Component contains a Property Term
Not quite. An ACC has CCProperty which contain Property Terms for its
(the ACC's) contained ASCCs/BCCs. This means that a CC has no property
term until it gets used (contained) by an ACC. Confusing..

Hmmm...I would be interested to know why you interpret the CCTS spec
this way. My interpretation has always been that Core Components are to
be stored as entities with their specified attributes, which include
PropertyTerm. In other words, a registry submitter should be allowed to
submit a Core Component as a RegistryObject in its own right, without
that Core Component being "contained" by an Aggregate Core Component.
This will allow registry submitters to submit all their Core Components
in advance of creating their Aggregate Core Components if they wish to.

Please point me to the requirement in the CCTS spec that states that
Core Component attributes must not be populated until the Core Component
is contained by an Aggregate Core Component. I may have missed it.

> > Finally, requirement [S22] indicates that Core Component Types have a
> > Primary Representation Term and a Secondary Representation
> > Term - which fills out the rest, since every Core Component is associated
> > with a Core Component Type.
> Well, only BCCs are associated with CCT, so we still can't say that
> an ACC has Primary and Secondary Representation Terms.. or we have to
> assume that they have all the terms from its contained CCs, what would
> be quite messy.
Good point - let's put this on our list of questions for the CCTS team.

> Diego
tel;work:(703) 902-6923
org:Booz | Allen | Hamilton;IT Digital Strategies Team
adr:;;8283 Greensboro Drive;McLean;VA;22012;
title:Senior Consultant
fn:Joseph M. Chiusano

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