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regrep-cc-review message

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Subject: RE: [regrep-cc-review] Clarification needed

Stored Core Component Properties shall be stored as part of the stored
Aggregate Core Component to which they belong, i.e. they shall never
exist independently of their owning Aggregate Core Component.

I think we need a clarification on the term "Core Component Property".
Can anyone please tell me the difference between a "Core Component" and
a "Core Component Property"?

I can offer my POW here:

- Core Component Property is just a field, an attribute of an ACC.
- ACC contains BCCs/ASCCs but needs extra info about it.
-> Core Component Property is a composite attribute.

In analogy to Content Component for Core Component Type, from last
week's unfinished discussion, ACC (CCT) has CCProperty (Content
Component) which has CoreComponent (primitive type) and extra fields. 

One more example, the same "Person. Details" ACC can be used in different
aggregates, with different Cardinalities and maybe different Property
Terms, without the need to redefine the ACC. Just redefine the reference
(CC Property).

Somebody should shout NOW if this is too wrong. :)


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