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Subject: [ADDITIONAL THOUGHT]Re: [regrep-cc-review] ASCCs/ASBIEs Revisited

Regarding CCTS spec p.12, example: Another way to view the "Address.
Details" ACC is as an abstract class which cannot be instantiated, but
which can be used to derive sub-classes. More specifically, "Address.
Details" would never appear in an XML document, but "Person. Residence.
Address" (for which "Residence" can be considered a sub-class derived
from "Address. Details") would appear.

So we could potentially have many ASCCs in a registry derived from the
"Address. Details" ACC.


Chiusano Joseph wrote:
> Team,
> We've had some open issues regarding the role and (perhaps) necessity of
> Association Core Components (ASCCs) and Association Business Information
> Entities (ASBIEs), as defined in the CCTS spec. I've delved further into
> the CCTS spec and I believe I now understand the role of these 2
> entities, and the necessity for their inclusion. I'd like to ensure that
> before asking questions of the CCTS team, we've completely exhausted our
> analysis of these issues (in a permissible amount of time).
> Attached please a document that contains notes on ASCCs/ASBIEs that I
> have extracted from the CCTS spec, along with "Notes for CC Review Team"
> regarding our treatment of these entities. Please review and confirm
> your understanding, or present any questions you have. See "BOTTOM LINE"
> at end for more details.
> Thanks,
> Joe
> It appears that the transition from ACC to ABIE occurs when business
> context is added, and that business context is one of the 8 predefined
> context categories (Business Process, Product Classification, etc.).
> It appears that the transition from ACC to ASCC occurs when business
> context is added, but that business context is NOT one of the 8
> predefined context categories. The same holds true for the transition
> from ABIE to ASBIE - except that an ASBIE already incorporates one of
> the 8 predefined context categories (by virtue of the fact that we are
> starting with an ABIE).
> I think we can represent ASCCs (created from ACCs) and ASBIEs (created
> from ABIEs) with registry associations, while the transition from ACCs
> to ABIEs can be represented by classifications (per the 8 context
> categories). The path from ACC to ASBIE will therefore use both
> associations and classifications - the order of which depends on whether
> the path was:
> ACC --> ABIE (classification) --> ASBIE (association)
> OR
> ACC --> ASCC (association) --> ASBIE (classification)
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                     Name: ASCC-ASBIE - Notes.doc
>    ASCC-ASBIE - Notes.doc           Type: Microsoft Word Document (application/msword)
>                                 Encoding: base64
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>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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