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regrep-cc-review message

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Subject: RE: [regrep-cc-review] [REVISITED] Re: [regrep-cc-review] CCTS Spec RIM Mappings (7.1.1-7.1.2)

Comments in the end of the mail.

Chiusano Joseph wrote:
Stored Aggregate Core Components shall include an "Object Class Term"

We can use a Slot on the ACC RegistryObject for this. 

A side note: The CCTS spec has "divided" the ISO/IEC 11179 Data Element
Terms (Object Class, Property Term, etc.) into:

Object Class: An attribute of Aggregate Core Component (ACC) - see [S7]

Object Class Qualifier Term: An attribute of Aggregate Business
Information Entities (ABIE) - see [S52] 

Property Term: An attribute of Basic Core Component (BCC) - see [S10]

Property Term Qualifier Term: An attribute of Data Type - see [S28]

Representation Term: An attribute of Core Component Type (CTT) - see

So, given the following Data Element Name (|'s used to separate Data
Element Terms):

Temporary | Employee | Home | Telephone | Number
    OCQT          OC         PTQT        PT	   RT

Regarding Property Term Qualifier Term (PTQT): I question the placement
of the Qualifier attribute on Data Type. It seems that it belongs on
BIEs instead. Here's why:

- Object Class is an attribute of ACC;

- Object Class Qualifier Term is an attribute of ABIE; the Qualifier
Term gives business context to the ACC, making it an ABIE (through
classification according to one of the 8 context categories).

So it seems natural that since Property Term is an attribute of BCC, the
Property Term Qualifier Term should be an attribute of [BCC + business
context], which is BIE. 

Does anyone think that this is an error in the CCTS spec?

I believe DataType has to affect on the CC/BIE name (as it does).
If you move propertyTermQualifierTerm to BIE it will not affect the
CC at all. You might need to have 2 BCC based on the same CCT but
with different restrictions.. and propertyTermQualifierTerm should
help you to identify this difference.

Furthermore, I think the business context that DataType's 
propertyTermQualifierTerm gives doesn't necessarily come from those
8 context categories (just like the context given by an ASCC..).


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