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regrep-cc-review message

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Subject: ObjectTypes for CCTS

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Our most recent discussions have been: A Core Component is either a
>Basic Core Component (BCC) or Aggregate Core Component (ACC). Therefore,
>not only are Aggregate Core Components a particular category of Core
>Components, but Basic Core Components are as well. 
>There is no special registry treatment for this requirement - it is
Apologies for being out of touch of late. I hope the following is not an 
off the wall suggestion or already been discussed.

Should there not be an extension to the ObjectType scheme defined for 
CCTS mapping? Such a extension would have a tree somthing like this:


Such a tree should be rooted under ExtrintrinsicObject.

BTW Nikola and I have discussed that the canonical ObjectType scheme in 
2.5 is not right. We think it should be simplified so

-The only child of ObjectType should be RegistryObject and the current 
tree under that node

-all other non RIM types such as user defined ObjectTypes are 
descendents of ExtrinsicObject

This provides for a better model where for example a CoreComponent IS A 
ExtrinsicObject. This is more natural.



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