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Subject: Re: Length vs. order of Slot values [was: Current Slot Issues]

The following is a summary of our current Slot issues - please provide

Here is my feedback re: first two aspects (also, see

(1) Maximum length - a restrictive feature

Slot attribute "values" is of Data Type "Collection of LongName" (128

QUESTION: Should the length be increased to (for example) 256
characters? This may be non-issue if slot values are ordered (see
below), as they can be "chained together".

(2) Order of Slot values

Slot attribute "values" should be changed from Data Type "Collection of
LongName" to Data Type "Ordered Collection of LongName".

I suggest that we don't restrict the length of Slot values. This would make
ordering, as a solution of chunking long values, unnecessary. I'd like to
consider the same approach for other attributes, like
RegistryObject.description, ...


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