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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] Cardinality Out Of Our Scope? )Was Re: FW: [regrep-cc-review] Association Core Components - Represent with Associations)

Forwarded on behalf of Diego. Please see comments marked with <JMC>.

Diego Ballvé wrote:
> > Where is the best place to specify Cardinality? (i.e. where should a
> > Cardinality attribute "live"?)
> >
> > Let's suppose we have an ACC comprised of multiple BCCs - and
> > we want to
> > specify the Cardinality (number of maximum occurrences) of a given BCC
> > within the ACC. I'm also keeping in mind that a given BCC may be used
> > within multiple ACCs
> It can't! ACC can be reused, and that's all.

Please point me to the reference in the CCTS spec that states that a BCC
can be tied to (associated with/used in, etc.) one and only one ACC.
Also: if we take a step back and temporarily forget about the CCTS spec,
would this restriction be a good idea?

I'm continually keeping in mind that if there are things in the CCTS
spec that we believe are not able to be represented (or easily
represented) in the registry, we have the ability to say "we have
implemented this concept differently". This will be part of our CCRIM
Technical Note.

> >, and have a different Cardinality in each
> > occurrence (i.e. why restrict it to the same maximum occurrences for
> > every scenario?)
> >
> > In light of that, I wonder if it would be best to specify the
> > Cardinality along with the Association between the ACC and the BCC,
> > rather than on the BCC itself.
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