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Subject: Re: [Fwd: [regrep-cc-review] Core Components Issue: Representation of Aggregate Core Components]

Yes - that makes sense. 

Using parts of the CCTS p.12 example, I'm seeing this as follows:

- Person. Details: A stored ACC

- Address. Details: A stored ACC

- ResidenceAddress. Details: A stored [name pending - is this an ABIE,
another ACC, or some other type of entity?]

- Person. Residence. Address - A stored ASCC, that can be represented in
the registry as an Association. The Association would carry the ASCC
name in its attributes (which would be Slots).

And if there is a need to create another ASCC using "Address. Details"
"joined" to a different ACC (which there most likely would be), this
could simply be another Association.


"CRAWFORD, Mark" wrote:
> I wrote -
> > I am not sure I agree with the notion that an ASCC can stand
> > on its own in the registry.  I believe it must always be
> > associated with at least one ACC.
> One slight correction to the following - I don't mean to imply that the ASCC should not be a separate entry in the registry, only that it must have a direct correlation with its associated ACC that describes its properties.
> Mark
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