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Subject: [Friendly Reminder] Re: [regrep-cc-review] Updated Requirements Mapping Document - Please Review

Just a friendly reminder of this request for review.


Chiusano Joseph wrote:
> Team,
> Attached please find an updated version of our Requirements Mapping
> document. If anyone has a chance, it would be great for us to take a
> step back for a moment and review requirements [S1] to [S18] (inclusive
> - please ignore [S19]-on for now). Feedback on these at this point will
> be valuable, so that we don't get too far down the road and find out we
> were on the wrong path for something.
> Some things to note please:
> (1) In many places, I've listed "We consider this requirement to be ..."
> (middle column). These are places in which we have decided to handle a
> certain aspect of the CCTS differently for the registry implementation -
> for example, the fact that we are (currently) not treating Properties as
> entities. So I've reworded the requirement to fit our current handling,
> to make it easier for us.
> (2) In many places, I've also listed "This requirement can be ignored
> for our purposes" (right column). These are places where - for example -
> the handling of Properties is referenced, and there is nothing in the
> particular requirement that we can implement in our registry
> architecture per our current handling of Properties. This should whittle
> down our requirements considerably.
> (3) In the middle column, I've also listed "We consider this requirement
> to be the same as our interpretation of [XX], but from an inverse
> perspective" in multiple places. These are places in which a requirment
> states (paraphrasing for simplicity) "A BCC is contained within an ACC",
> and then another requirement says "An ACC contains one or more BCCs".
> I've marked the second occurrence of each of these as "This requirement
> can be ignored for our purposes", since we've covered it on the first
> occurrence.
> Thanks in advance for your feedback!
> Joe
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                            Name: CC Review - REQUIREMENTS MAPPING.doc
>    CC Review - REQUIREMENTS MAPPING.doc    Type: WINWORD File (application/msword)
>                                        Encoding: base64
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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