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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] "Our" Requirements


Attached please find an updated version, which takes us through
requirement [S11]. I'm considering removing the rightmost column, as it
is cluttering up the document with all of the necessary footnotes (this
information will be conveyed by another document, I'm sure).

Please let me know what you think.


Chiusano Joseph wrote:
> Team,
> Attached please find a document that will feed directly into our
> Technical Note - it's called "Our" Requirements.
> Before you think "another document?", I'll explain: This document is an
> output of the "Requirements Mapping" document, in that it contains the
> requirements that we will need to follow in our CCRIM architecture. That
> is, I've disregarded any requirements from the "Requirements Mapping"
> document that state "This requirement can be ignored for our purposes.".
> Columns are (left to right):
> - Topics: General topics such as "Aggregate Core Components (ACCs)".
> - CC Review Requirements: The requirements that we will need to follow
> in our CC RIM architecture.
> - CCTS Requirements: A mapping from the CC Review requirements to the
> CCTS requirements that they were derived from. There may be multiple
> CCTS requirements in this column.
> There are also footnotes to explain our handling of certain
> requirements. Additionally, some CCTS requirements are listed as "[Sx
> Amended]" because we consider them to be a bit different than expressed
> in the CCTS spec (for example, because we are not representing
> Properties as entities).
> So far it's just a start - please stay tuned for an updated version.
> Thanks,
> Joe
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                        Name: CC Review - OUR REQUIREMENTS.doc
>    CC Review - OUR REQUIREMENTS.doc    Type: WINWORD File (application/msword)
>                                    Encoding: base64
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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title:Senior Consultant
fn:Joseph M. Chiusano

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