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Subject: UBL Review of CCTS: Use of Qualifiers for Object Class Terms and Property Terms


The UBL LCSC (Library Content Subcommittee) just released their comments
on the CCTS spec (which I am reviewing now). One of them struck me as a
common theme for us:

"Use of Qualifiers for Object Class Terms and Property Terms"

More clarification in use of qualifiers for object class terms and
property terms. 

Should the qualifier come from one of the context drivers only? Or can
we use other terms for the definition of qualifiers?

UBL Editorial
Line 2284 - 
7.4.1 Stored Aggregate Business Information Entities must be changed in
7.4.1 Stored Business Information Entity

Line 2372 -
7.4.5 Stored Association Core Component Properties must be changed in
7.4.5 Stored Association Business Information Entity Properties

I'm recalling our example of "ResidenceAddress. Details", where we were
questioning whether "Residence" results from one of the 8 context
drivers (it does not appear to). So in summary, we're not the only group
questioning that aspect.

Unless there are strong objections (and please voice them now with lots
of supporting reasons), our handling will be to consider
"ResidenceAddress. Details" an ACC rather than an ABIE, because I don't
see where "Residence" is tied to one of the 8 context categories. A
question posed to the CCTS Team of this several weeks ago has resulted
in no response.

tel;work:(703) 902-6923
org:Booz | Allen | Hamilton;IT Digital Strategies Team
adr:;;8283 Greensboro Drive;McLean;VA;22012;
title:Senior Consultant
fn:Joseph M. Chiusano

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