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regrep-cc-review message

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Subject: Re: [regrep] CC Review Technical Note: Help Wanted!


Below is the request for help on our Technical Note that I sent
recently; the request is now "officially open". Please think about
lending a hand in one or more areas. Please sign up by responding to the

Thanks in advance for your help!

Chiusano Joseph wrote:
> [Also copying the Registry TC to make them aware of the stage we've
> reached, and this request in general]
> Team,
> We've reached a point where we can start writing our Technical Note
> (yeah!!). Knowing that folks are very busy with their other standards
> work and full-time positions, I'd like to request that each of you at
> least consider lending a hand in the creation of the Technical Note. No
> need to sign up just yet - I'll ask for volunteers in the future.
> I'm thinking in terms of the following categories (please suggest any
> additions/modifications that you would like):
> (1) Narrative/Concepts:
> - Sections will describe our work, and the Core Components concepts (we
> can extract quite a bit from the CCTS spec);
> (2) UML Diagrams:
> - For example, we will have "our" version of Figure 7-5 from the CCTS
> spec, with our assumptions incorporated;
> (3) Use Cases:
> - Things such as: Submission of a Core Component to the registry,
> discovery of entities in the registry, deriving a BBIE from an BCC, etc.
> (4) RIM "Representation" (need better word?):
> - Details on the custom RIM enhancements required for the implementation
> of Core Components in ebXML Registry; will include Class descriptions,
> UML diagrams (see #2 above), etc.; the "Our Requirements" document will
> be an input to this section.
> (5) Our Handling of CCTS Requirements:
> - Details on the general assumptions we have made (ex: we do not
> represent Properties as entities), and a listing of each CCTS
> requirement and our handling of it (as per our "Requirements Mapping"
> document);
> Thanks!
> Joe
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> You may leave a Technical Committee at any time by visiting http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/regrep/members/leave_workgroup.php
tel;work:(703) 902-6923
org:Booz | Allen | Hamilton;IT Digital Strategies Team
adr:;;8283 Greensboro Drive;McLean;VA;22012;
title:Senior Consultant
fn:Joseph M. Chiusano

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