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Subject: Help with clarifying registry handling of CCTS

I need a reminder on how we (ebXML Reg/Rep) are planning to recommend capturing Core Components in the technical note.  The Department of Navy is developing an update to their design rules, which draw from CCTS. I'm feeding them the practical aspects of what to expect from the CCTS technical note based on the CC subteam discussions. Unfortunately, one DON member raised a question that I think I know the answer to, but I couldn't rule out definitively.
I believe we were capturing the terms of a Core Component as a single registered item. Specifically if you have the CC "Invoice.Tax.Amount", that is one complete registered object.  Correct me if I'm wrong, we don't discuss registering an "Invoice" object class identifier and a separate "Tax.Amount" term and then connect them through associations? The latter was raised as an idea for developing a generic version of the Property Term/Representation Term that could be associated to many Object Classes.  The flexibility of the registry specification may allow this, but since it's not the way I see the CCTS expecting them to be registered I didn't think it was a method we looked at.  Am I correct?
NOTE:  I am not endorsing or encouraging any change in the direction of the CCTS technical note at this time.  Joe and others put in a lot of work to get the rules nailed down and I don't want to change coarse now.  I just want to clarify the approach going into the technical note.


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