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Subject: [regrep-comment] Add mechanism to override URI checking onExternalLink per transaction

In ebXML reg/rep RIM 2.1 document, chapter 7.10.2
it requires that URIs that are URLs must be checked by the
registry to be resolvable at time of submission.

It may be desirable to be able to override the checkURL
rule on a per transaction basis. For example, in the
initialization of the ebXML reg/rep for content based
discovery, there are some HTTP URIs that are NOT
reachable yet. It may also be the case that there
are situations where you need to be able to submit an
RegistryObject with an HTTP URI reference where the
HTTP endpoint is not yet operational (in the general
case). Having the ability to specify checkURL as
true/false on a per transaction basis would give you
the ability to do this for individual registry submittals.

    John Silva
    Emaill: johns@anr.ms.philips.com
    Contributor to ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net

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