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regrep-comresolve message

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Subject: [regrep-comresolve] FW: [regrep] FW: OASIS ebXML TC meeting minutes:3/7/2002

Here is a simple excel spreadsheet that we might want to consider using for
our comment mgmt.  I have already forwarded Farrukh's suggested database as
an alternative approach.

a quick comparison
			excel file		access database
size			<30KB			1.4MB		
ease of use		very easy		complex, should save to 
						disk 1st and then launch
flexibility		rigid			very good for query and 
complete		simple		very complete

We have two weeks to collect all comments, provide for some resolution
analysis and post a note back to the voting Oasis members.  Let's make a
decision quickly here and move on.


 -----Original Message-----
From: Munter, Joel D [mailto:joel.d.munter@intel.com]
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 11:47 AM
To: 'Oasis Registry TC'
Cc: 'Oasis RR Spec Comments'
Subject: RE: [regrep] FW: OASIS ebXML TC meeting minutes: 3/7/2002

Kathryn, et al

Attached is a form that I created and have found useful for other spec
comment/closure loop related efforts.  This simple Excel spreadsheet allows
the comment to be captured, numbered, and addressed to a specific version,
and statements about the comment to be captured.  It is then expected that
the commenter review the disposition prior to the comment being "finally
closed."  There are some example comments in the template.  I have posted it
here for your reference and will do so on comment sub-team list once that is
in full use.  There is no need for a complicated database related effort.
For those that do not support Excel, I can easily provide a PDF version of


-----Original Message-----
From: Breininger, Kathryn R [mailto:kathryn.r.breininger@boeing.com]
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 11:15 AM
To: 'ebXML Regrep'
Subject: [regrep] FW: OASIS ebXML TC meeting minutes: 3/7/2002

Attached are minutes from the meeting. 
-----Original Message-----
From: Farrukh Najmi [mailto:Farrukh.Najmi@Sun.COM]
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 6:31 AM
To: Breininger, Kathryn R
Subject: OASIS ebXML TC meeting minutes: 3/7/2002

Minutes of the OASIS/ebXML Registry Technical Committee Meeting 
Conference Call - March 7 
Kathryn Breininger, Boeing 
Suresh Damodaran, Sterling Commerce 
Anne Fischer, Drummond Group 
Joel Munter, Intel 
Farrukh Najmi, Sun Microsystems 
Joel Neu, Vitria Technologies 
Sanjay Patil, IONA 
Nikola Stojanovic, Individual Member 
1. Minute taker:
Anne was driving so she was skipped. Farrukh selected as minute taker. 
2. Minutes from last meeting
Minutes from last meeting published by Lisa were approved by the team 
3. Volunteer for Standards Registry project
Kathryn reminded team that Karl  is looking for a volunteer to join the
Standards Registry Project. 
The project aims to provide a consolidated view of information registered
regarding a broad range of standards 
activities. Kathryn suggested that it may be a very good fit for our already
planned federated registry feature. 
Question was asked by Farrukh whether we can assume that the information
will be registered in an 
ebXML Registry. Kathryn responded that we cannot make that assumption. 
The team felt there was not enough known on what the project entails, what
skill sets are needed and what 
level of participation is expected. 
Action Item: Kathryn to talk to Karl to find out project entails, what skill
sets are needed and what 
level of participation is expected. 
4. Executive on-loan resources
Kathryn described the new OASIS Executive on loan  program. Sanjay commented
that it would be hard to find companies willing to do this level of
participation in this economy. No further discussion. 
5. Liaison duties in Barcelona
We talked about various needs and possibilities for liaising with other
OASIS and UN/CEFACT TCs. IIC, CPP/A, BP and CC were discussed. 
Action Item: Team please send Anne email if you have a need or proposal for
a specific liaison activity at Barcelona with another TC. 
6. ebXML Day in Barcelona, Spain (May 23) call for papers
Farrukh mentioned that the abstract for the main Conference he had submitted
was not accepted. 
It was suggested that Anne and Farrukh collaborate to propose one or more
abstracts for the ebXML Day in Barcelona. The abstract and outlines are due
by March 22. 
Action Item: Anne and Farrukh to prepare abstract(s) for submission 
7. Comment resolution
Team agreed to the comment resolution process defined in previous meeting.
Kathryn mentioned that an alias for comment resolution team has been set and
is called: 
Joel suggested that all comments resolutions be notified to the person that
submitted the comment in a public manner. 
Farrukh suggested that all comments should be logged in a uniform manner as
-Assigned a unique immutable issue number 
-Have a clear description 
-Indicate who submitted it 
-Indicate when it was submitted 
-Indicate current resolution status (resolved YES/NO) 
-Indicate whether it is closed or not (closed YES/NO) 
-Indicate how the issue was resolved 
Farrukh suggested keeping the issues in an Access Database. Joel was not
sure that was necessary. Kathryn said she would  find out if there is an
official OASIS method for publishing comment resolution. 
Action Item: Kathryn find out if there is an official method for publishing
comments and resolutions. Farrukh will put together a log for comments. 
8. Version 3 work items
Team did a first pass at assigning a priority to the work item list
published by Neil. Items were assigned a priority of 1-3 where 1 is highest
priority. We assigned a range of priorities if we were not sure. Some items
were dropped from list. 
Action Item: Farrukh to send list to Neil so he can consolidate with the
master copy. 
9. cc-review subteam report
 Kathryn summarized the telecon. No action. 
10. Other subteam reports
Cooperating Registries - Joel mentioned posting of e-mail regarding
construction of a tModel in UDDI based on the (RAWS) WSDL files and a
recommended way to model this. 
11. Other issues/items
12. Next meeting
Thursday March 21 st.  NEW TIME, half hour later  4:30 -  6:00 PM US Eastern



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