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regrep-ex-scheme message

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Subject: External Scheme Teleconference - Thursday 3pm ET

External Scheme Team,

Enclosed is the phone number for our teleconference tomorrow. NOTE the time 
change to be one hour earlier than previously announced. The agenda will be 
all contributions made to the "regrep-ex-scheme" list


As promised previously, I'm copying the entire "regrep" email list to 
announce this, our first, teleconference.

My hope is that we can agree on changes to RIM that will accommodate 
ClassificationScheme instances that identify either internal or external 
classification schemes and Classification instances that reference such 
schemes in the same manner.

-- Len

>  ==========================
>  # OF LINES:              Total=6 Dialout=0 Meet Me=6 Meet Me Toll=0
>  Entry Method: Tone In
>  CALL DATE:         SEP-13-2001  (Thursday)
>  CALL TIME:         03:00 PM EASTERN TIME
>  DURATION:              1 hr 30 min
>  USA Toll Free Number: 888-810-9160
>   PASSCODE: 18227
>   LEADER:             Len Gallagher

NOTE: In a previous message to the "ext-scheme" list I asked if there would 
be any International callers. No one responded, so I did not arrange for 
any International lines.

Len Gallagher                             LGallagher@nist.gov
NIST                                      Work: 301-975-3251
Bldg 820  Room 562                        Home: 301-424-1928
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8970 USA           Fax: 301-948-6213

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