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Subject: Re: External Classification Scheme -- Meeting Report

Please see comments inline:

Len Gallagher wrote:

> External Classification Team,
> Our September 13 teleconference was attended by three people:
>    Len Gallagher
>    Nikola Stojanovic
>    Farrukh Najmi
> We discussed the differing proposals by Len and Farrukh to treat
> ExternalClassification as a subclass of Classification, or implicitly, to
> treat Classification as a superclass of both InternalClassification and
> ExternalClassification. The team is very close to agreement on RIM changes
> needed to accommodate a common interpretation of both types of classifications.

I believe we are in agreement to use a merge ExternalClassification into a single
enhanced Classification class. We have significant differences on modelling
Path and Path element on the role of URN etc.

> There are still some differences on whether Classification instances must
> be supported in Registry Services for all RegistryObject subclasses, or
> just some subset of them, in particular RegistryEntry and possibly
> Organization.

We agreed in RIM 1.1 that all dynamic metadata is supported at the RegistryObject

The task of this sub-team is to define how to extend Classification to include
external Classification use case in a manner that is more symmetrical with internal

classification. Note that the use-case for external classifications was already
addressed using Slots in 1.0 specs
but it was not symmetrical with internal classification.

To start opening up RIM issues such as what is classifiable and what is not is
the scope of the mission for this team. This team's mission is to define *HOW* to
classify things and not to re-define *WHAT* is classifiable.

> It would be helpful if other team members commented on the proposals.
> -- Len
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