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regrep-query message

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Subject: telecon


Only Len and I participated in this morning's telecon, even though this
time I did explicitly send out the notification and only two people
indicated they would have problem joining the call.

Len and I had some discussion and we agreed that the following three tasks
do have higher priority than others:
(1) Content-based query using content indexing in XPath
(2) Extension of browse and drill-down query
(3) Revision of filter query, if needed, to be consistent with the revised

We further agreed that it would be a good idea to combine (2) and (3) into
one task and investigate the possibility of combing browse and drill-down
query and filter query into one.

Please let the team know how you feel. If we can reach an agreement soon,
we can proceed with the two/three tasks.

Regards,  Dan

e-business Data Technology and Standard
IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory
Notes:     Dan Chang/Santa Teresa/IBM@IBMUS
Internet:  dtchang@us.ibm.com
VM:          IBMUSM50(DTCHANG)
Phone:    (408)-463-2319

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