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Subject: [regrep-query] Content-based discovery proposal: version 0.2distribution

Attached is the initial content-based discovery proposal. My thanks to
Nikola for spending numerous hours improving the ideas in the original

It should be noted that the proposal handles several interesting use
cases we have discussed including namespace indexing proposed and CC
indexing as proposed by Joe in the past.

The main areas left to be done are:

-to add a complete example of indexing an OAG BOD or a CPP.

-To define how ClassificationSchemes are defined and mapped to for use
in generated classifications. This will be flushed out as we do the
complete example next week.

Does any one have OAG BOD experience to share?

We should plan on reviewing this proposal and getting feedback ASAP so
it can be published to the main TC prior to next TC meeting.
Note that I may not respond to any comments until Monday due to other
committeemen's. So try and send any urgent questions to me before 4pm ET

Thanks for your feedback in advance.


Attachment: contentBasedQueryProposal-v0.2.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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