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Subject: Re: Proposal for supporting Service and ServiceBinding


I am concerned that in doing so we will explicitly overlap and repeat what
has been done in UDDI. I believe we ought to first resolve the issue on
positioning OASIS/ebXML Registry with UDDI, as suggested by Scott.

Regards,  Dan

Metadata Management Technology and Standard
IBM DBTI for e-Business
Notes:     Dan Chang/Santa Teresa/IBM@IBMUS
Internet:  dtchang@us.ibm.com
VM:          IBMUSM50(DTCHANG)
Phone:    (408)-463-2319

                    Sanjay"              To:     "'regrep-raws@lists.oasis-open.org'"                    
                    <SPatil@iona.c        <regrep-raws@lists.oasis-open.org>                             
                    om>                  cc:                                                             
                                         Subject:     Proposal for supporting Service and ServiceBinding 
                    09/04/01 03:05                                                                       

Here is a proposal for supporting Service and ServiceBinding objects
as first class object in the RIM.

In order to be readily useful, a registry needs to have inherent support
the commonly used business documents. Business Service interface and the
technical binding of these Business Service interfaces seem to be falling
such a category.

           1.        Providing inherent support for common business
           2.        Functionally complete in comparison with other

Please review the proposal and let us start discussing it over the mail

Sanjay Patil

Total Business Integration (TM)
Phone: 408 350 9619                                 http://www.iona.com

(See attached file: SupportServiceAndServiceBinding.doc)


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