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Subject: RE: Defining TRP bound web services in WSDL


The problem with my "proposal" was that I stopped thinking in terms of a
proposal after the first paragraph.  When I went and read the mime
binding part of the wsdl spec, I realized that all that needed to be
done was to create a correct definition of the MSH in wsdl.  I agree
with your analysis below of what should be done (provide a concrete
definition extending Registry.wsdl. I will comment more after I have
checked out the work you've done.

One missing piece of the puzzle is a schema for TRP.  Is there a such

Matthew MacKenzie
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

-----Original Message-----
From: Farrukh Najmi [mailto:Farrukh.Najmi@Sun.COM] 
Sent: September 23, 2001 6:37 AM
To: Matthew Mackenzie
Cc: regrep-raws@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: Defining TRP bound web services in WSDL


Thanks for making this valuable contribution. I think it will have even
broader implications that our TC.

It would be helpful if you include the diagram from ebXML Messaging
spec that shows how the SOAP header, body, ebXML header elements,
request, payload etc. are laid out. Since many of us do not keep up with
spec this one picture would help a lot. Also I think you could say less
on how
to use WSDL and simply refer to the WSDL spec.

I believe you may have swapped by accident soap-header and soap-body
tags on
messageHeader and manifest. messageHeader should be described by
and manifest should be described by soap-body.

One of teh critical things missing at the moment as far I can see is
that we
need to tie this with the existing RAWS abstract service definition for
registry. We currently have the following files (attached):

Registry.xsd    #XSD Schema replacing Registry.dtd
Registry.wsdl    #Abstract service definition for registry service
RegistrySOAPBinding.wsdl    #Concrete binding to SOAP/HTTP for abstract
service definition in Registry.wsdl

What we need is a Registry_ebXML_MS_Binding.wsdl to provide a concrete
to ebXML Messaging Service for abstract service definition in

I would be glad to work with you on this. We may also want someone fom
TRP to
look over our shoulder. I can talk to Chris Ferris for example.


Matthew Mackenzie wrote:

> Greetings RAWSers,
> My first post, and I bring with me a PDF file.  I brought the idea of
> <see subject> up with Farrukh earlier today, and he thought that this
> group might be interested in this.  It turns out that TRP in WSDL
> that hard, but would benefit from having an abstract definition to
> it easier to do this.
> Comments, please!
> --
> Matthew MacKenzie
> Xml Global
> http://www.xmlglobal.com
>                    Name: TRP-WSDL.pdf
>    TRP-WSDL.pdf    Type: Acrobat (application/pdf)
>                Encoding: BASE64


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