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Subject: Fwd: Review Security Info Model(2nd)

I apologize for sitting on this...it got lost in my inbox.


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To: "Lisa Carnahan" <lisa.carnahan@nist.gov>
Subject: Review Security Info Model(2nd)
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 09:46:39 +0900
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Dear Lisa,

I was late to send this.


# Problem
Following contents are
mutually antinomic.
if first content is right, permission have to manage

On the contrary if
second content is right, 
security can not be executed before processing of service.
It means security must be executed to each method in it while service is
in processing.
It looks like package of "java.security" in


# Security Info Model Contents(segREG.pdf)
EbXML Registry Security Proposal 
Technical Architecture Security Team

May 10, 2001 

*First content
 319 3.4. Security Processing 
 325 3.4.1. Authentication
 339 3.4.2. Examine Transaction Rights on Object Request
 346 3.4.3. Registry Bootstrap 
 351 3.4.4. Content Submission  processing done by the Registry
 354 3.4.5. Content Submission  processing done Registry
 374 3.4.6. Content Delete/Deprecate  processing done by the
Registry Client
 378 3.4.7. Content Delete/Deprecate  processing done Registry

*Second content
 300 While privileges deal with groups, roles et al, the permissions
deal with the 
 301 methods of an object and tie them to privileges. The permission
is an ¡°and¡± 
 302 operation (or a cumulative) . i.e. an entity can access the
method of a 
 303 RegistryObject only if it has all the privileges as detailed by
the privilage 
 304 object. 

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