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regrep-security message

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Subject: OASIS Registry Security : Minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting ebXML Registry Security meeting.
Suresh will send out any updates/corrections to this note later.



Minutes of ebXML Registry Security Meeting

Attendees: Sanjay Patil, Suresh Damodaran, Farrukh Najmi, Sekhar

Use Cases
   - Sanjay to send use cases by today

Review of security risk document updated by Suresh
   1.b added. needs to be split into 1.b.1 & 1.b.2
      1.b.1 integrity protection in xmission
      1.b.2 confidentiality protection in xmission 
      sekhar to update
   5.2 Added Type F ( for futuristic)
   2d  changed from C to D

   Section numbers may no longer be accurate.

Define Registry Profile
   - Registry profile is available 
   - Global issue ; not specific to security 
   - every group needs to define what is needed in the registry profile
   - suggestion: each group documents in English what is needed
     in English. Syntax could be deferred.
   - CPP could be source for what should be in registry profile

A (targeted for V2.0) items:
   - integrity protection of data
   - authentication ( at least the verification of the signer )
   - custom access controls
     - XACML may not be ready in time ?
       use IBM_XACL ?

Status of XMLDSIG 
   - making progress ; hopefully a first version would be
     out tomorrow ( Sekhar to send out ).
   - Reference the document in the "Deliverables" Section in the
     Risks document.
   - Integrity protection of data in xmission and storage
     - use of XML DSIG
   - Authentication of content owner
   - Management of Access control policies 
   - updates to the RIM and RS; follow use case model
   - Registry profile
   - cookie cutter policies for registry
   - use cases document

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