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Subject: RE: XML DSIG for authentication


I agree with 2c, and that is out of scope for V2 anyway (confidentiality).
I have some info that will apply to 2b (S/MIME and XML Sig), but 
since 2c is out of scope for V2, we don't need to discuss that for some
2a is important and needs to be dealt with now, as is 1. 
Hope this helps,

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From: sekhar vajjhala [mailto:sekhar.vajjhala@Sun.COM]
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 3:55 PM
To: regrep-security@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: XML DSIG for authentication

Hi folks,

I have been going through all the responses. Thanks for all the comments

Instead of responding to each mail thread I thought I would roll up all 
my responses in here. It is much clearer this way.

I will address the major issues for now:

1. It is my understanding, that for Registry V2.0, ebXML is supposed to 
   run on either SOAP or ebXML MS (maybe more in future for RAWS ?)
   So Prasad, in response to your question, it is not being 
   divorced from ebXML MS totally - but there is a choice.

  > Are we divorcing ebXML MS totally and expect this to run on any SOAP
complaint protocol
  > including ebMS? Sekhar's description refers to ebXML header and its
use of ds:Signature element.
  > So, I take we are still scoping for ebMS as the primary TRP right?

  We are scoping for both ebMS and SOAP.

2. The XMLDSIG usage should be applicable to both ebMS and SOAP. The
   that I have won't work with ebMS only with SOAP. This is
fundamentally because
   the payload signatures are carried in a SOAP header. This also has

   In order to handle the XMLDSIG for both ebMS and SOAP, the payload
   needs to be bound to the payload itself i.e it is carried with the
   itself. This is the consistent feedback that I have received
   onefrom Suresh). I too think this is the right way to do it. But
   are some issues:

   a. We need to specify how exactly the payload signature would be
      with the payload. Note ebMS strongly recommends that payload be
      separately with XMLDSIG. However, ebMS does not specify or impose
      requirements on the payload ( carried as MIME multipart). It
      it upto the application. This is all based on my reading of the

   b. S/MIME specifies a way of signing/encyrption for MIME data
      There are 4 different rfcs on S/MIME (with different versions) and
      am not familiar with all of them. But the main thing is that
      allows different signatures and encryption mechanisms to be
      So it could be possible to specify an XMLDSIG as part of S/MIME.

      I am not proposing we do the above - but suggesting that this is 
      one possibility.

      I will investigate the above option.

   c. The application of dsig to signing of payload is really about
      SOAP (and/or S/MIME) security. It is not specific to either
      ebXML Registry *AND* ebMS specs. So this should be done outside
      of both these specs.

I may have more comments on Monday (I have to go home now).


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