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regrep-security message

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Subject: Re: Minutes: Security Subteam 10/01/01

if this is a duplicate. But I have not received a copy. So I am
resending it.

Sanjay, I need some clarification on option b. Please see my
question in line.

"Patil, Sanjay" wrote:
> .... email content deleted...
> - Packaging of Signature and Content
>   Three alternatives were considered.
>   a> Content and Signature are separate parts, with identification of each
>        part and the blob that is signed handled by Content-Type and
> Content-URI
>        MIME headers
>   b> Content and Signature are separate MIME parts. The MIME type being used
>        is multipart/related. The order of MIME parts and probably
> Content-Type
>        to be used for identifying Signature from Content. Any other details
> essential
>        for Signature to identify the blob in the content that is signed, etc
> are to
>        be clearly specified in the V2 spec.

What is the difference between MIME type and Content-Type ? I only found
one type i.e. Content-Type. This would have to be multipart/Related.

Content-Type: mulitpart/Related

So I am not sure how to flag the presence of an XML signature to a
other than through ordering. Can you clarify ?

... rest of email deleted ..



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