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regrep-security message

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Subject: Re: XMLdisg usage doc ( Version 0.2 - 10/2/01)

sekhar vajjhala wrote:
> "Damodaran, Suresh" wrote:
> >
> > Sekhar,
> >
> > To obtain a cert, as we discussed earlier,
> > using the contract between Registry Operator and RC
> > is a valid technique. Is this an update you plan
> > to add by tomorrow - don't want to leave this option out.
> Yes. I was planning to update add this option in addition to
> what is already in the proposal rather than replacing what
> is in the proposal.
> Sekhar


I realized after I sent the above response that the document
(ver 0.2, 10/2/01) already assumes unspecified contract between 
Registry Operator and RC. i.e. the certificate is never sent from 
Registry Operator and RC and vice versa in the KeyInfo field - but 
this only applies to header signatures. 

For payload signatures, the certificates may have to be sent.

This was already in the document (ver 0.2, 10/2/01). I just 
clarified the wording in the latest version (ver 0.2, 10/3/01).

If you still think I am not addressing the issue, please let me know.


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