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regrep-security message

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Subject: [ebXML Registry] Security Proposal submission

Attached are two documents that we have been working on that we would like
to submit
to the TC for consideration.
First is the security proposal. This document is the umbrella document
containing the
security concerns, actors, use cases. The second is on the application of
for ensuring data integrity of Registry contents. We still have work to do
on these,
but should give you a fairly good idea on what we are up to.
We are also working on an access control proposal, though it is not yet in a
to submit to the TC due to time constraints. We hope to have it for V3.

 <<ebXML-Registry-SecurityProposal-V2.pdf>>  <<ebRSDSIG.pdf>> 

I would like to thank the security sub-team for the hours spent on this
We look forward to your comments.	




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