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Subject: Re: [regrep-semantic] ebXML Registry Profile for OWL Draft 1: Farrukhs comments #1

A few other comments on Farrukh's comments:

>Line 187-189:
>"In OWL, properties can have
>multiple domains and multiple ranges. Multiple domain (range) 
>expressions restrict the domain (range) of
>a property to the intersection of the class expressions."
>Suggest having a reference to domain/range definition for those that are 
>not familiar with these terms.

I was actually surprised to see the above comment in this document as it is a 
fairly esoteric point.  It may be important to how the Profile was implemented,
but if not, I would suggest removing it entirely.


>Line 522:
>regrep:AssociationType:Property =>  regrep:AssociationType:HasProperty
>This is more consistent with existing assoc types (+) but does not 
>preserve the OWL element name exactly (-).
>If we do above change then we may want to suggest adding above to 
>canonical AssociationType scheme as it is fairly generic.

I would strongly advise against this change.  Properties are first 
class elements in RDFS and OWL. What is it that "has" the Property 
above - an ontology?  If at all possible, please use the OWL, RDFS and 
RDF terms verbatim.


>Line 613:
>"OWL-S Profile"
>=> Suggest using namespace prefix and have a table of all namespace 
>prefixes somewhere in Intro to OWL chapter

References to OWL-S would not belong in an OWL chapter since OWL-S is not
part of the OWL language, but rather a source of OWL ontologies used in
examples in the Profile document.


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