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regrep-semantic message

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Subject: Re: ebXML Registry Profile for OWL Draft 1: Farrukhs comments #1

>Enclosed please find regrep-owl-profile-1.0-draft 2.
>In the following I will explain how the comments from Evan Wallace
>and Farrukh Najmi are handled.

*sigh* I have done a rather thorough reading of the previous version.
Other distractions have kept me from collating and sending my comments.  
I had planned to do this early next week as I indicated previously.

General comments: The profile represents a lot of work, and I thought
most of it was quite good, correct, and clearly presented.  I found a few
issues which need to be fixed, but the vast majority of the material is
correct wrt OWL (my area of expertise).


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