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Subject: Re: Question about how the resulting work from this committee will be published/announced.

Ravi wrote:
| It is my understanding from the last call that this group is working on
| three things 
| (1) A registry technical specification which will result in a XML-DTD based
| specification to enable the packaging and publication of XML based "Items"
| and their related information to a "registry/repository like BizTalk.org or
| XML.org.

and also specify the format of a request to a repository, along the lines

| (2) A "Repository" Requirements document to enable the XML.org steering
| committee to decide on a implementation platform for XML.org

The TC should produce a more general document, listing only basic requirements,
I think; our list of func reqs for XML.org probably has some things in it 
that relate to what TC members would like rather than what is absolutely
necessary.  But this could stand further discussion. 

| (3) A "Implementation Guidelines" document to enable the developers of such
| services (XML.org being one) to interpret and implement the registry
| technical specification.

It may be that that will be an XML.org document, covering repository
operations, too.

| Like I mentioned during the last call we Microsoft are interested in working
| together with your technical sub-committee on a consistent "Registry
| technical specification" (i.e deliverable 1) and in that spirit also
| mentioned that we will be getting to you a proposal based on your current
| work and our experiences in implementing BizTalk.org for the set of semantic
| elementtype and document specifications to enable packaging and publication
| of XML based "Items" and their related information to a registry/repository
| like BizTalk.org and/or XML.org.

I'm looking forward to it.  We certainly want to help you achieve

| Like I would imagine your deliverables (2) and (3) are to the XML.Org
| steering committee and is an internal deliverable to them (i.e there is
| nothing we need to collaborate here on)

I'm not sure the line is so bright that there would be nothing related
to interoperability in 2 and 3, but the registry spec is certainly
farther advanced and therefore firmer in outline than the repository

| The question to you is who is the first deliverable being published to (i.e
| I presume any OASIS and/or non-OASIS members) and how will be it be
| published/possitioned.

At the moment, and until it's ready for public comment, it's published
to OASIS members.  When it's ready for public comment it will be made
available on the public portion of the OASIS site, under committees.
As for when that should be and the procedure for what follows, I think
Norbert should respond.

regards, Terry

Terry Allen                             
Advanced Technology Group               
Commerce One, Inc.
Walnut Creek, Calif.

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