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Subject: 15 Oct conf call minutes

OASIS Regrep TC Conference Call
Friday 15 October 1999
Terry Allen

NOTE:  although I was asked to reserve international lines for
a conference call about a month ago, no one has used them for the
last two calls.  If you want to call in from outside the area that
can connect to an 888 number, please inform me in the next few
days, else I'll drop the international lines from the next conf
call reservation.

 - discuss agenda, new items
 - news from XML.org Steering Committee meeting, if any
 - update plans for next face-to-face
 - critique survey of semantics
 - new items
 - adjourn

(did not formally take roll; may have missed a few)

Joe Alfonso, Sun 
Terry Allen, Commerce One
Ravi Manikundalam, Microsoft
Ernest Nishiseki, Dun & Bradstreet
Norbert Mikula, DataChannel
Ron Schuldt, UDEF

This was a short call.  Please, everyone, review the documents
available at the OASIS site and posted in the last few weeks;
silence means assent!

The XML.org SC agreed that it would be a good idea to proceed to
issue RFPs for provision of taxonomies and (separately) for repository
software.  Jon Bosak will look into the OCLC's attitude toward licensing
Dewey as prelim to an RFP on the taxonomies issue.  On the repository
software, the SC made plans for finding someone to oversee the process,
and may issue an RFI before an RFP.  We enjoyed a presentation by Prof
Pamela Samuelson on intellectual property rights for the XML.org 
repository, the gist of which is that between copyright, patent, and
changing law, interpretation of the law, and Patent Office attitudes
and competence, IPR for schemas and DTDs is more complicated than you
have ever imagined.

The next face-to-face will be in Santa Clara Nov 11-12 (half day on 12th),
colocated with XML One and thus presumably in the Westin or the SC Convention
Center.  The next conference call will be 29 Oct (Friday), 8.30-9.30 AM
Pacific (I may have said the 27th, mistakenly).

Ron Schuldt says that the AIA (Aerospace Industries Association of America)
has an XML/EDI proposal, which we should bring to the attention of XML.org.  
On their web site I don't find anything more recent
on EDI than April 1997 (http://aia-aerospace.org).  Perhaps that's because
the Current Activities page hasn't been updated conciously since 18 July 1997
(although there is later material).  Ron, can you supply a reference?

On THTTP, I've contacted the authors of the draft (Ron Daniel and Michael
Mealling) but made no progress; Ron Daniel suggests I book a conf call with
him and MM to discuss THTTP; will do.

Ravi asked a few questions about deliverables; I'll make the description
of deliverables clearer in the revision of our document set that I'm doing
this week.  (In particular, we'll have a DTD for a manifest in a submission

The question arose of how include actual content in zip submission, rather
than just pointing to it as I did in my most recent set of examples for
Docbook; it occured to me later that one would point to content by filename
(degenerate URL) rather than by full URL.

I agreed to write up use cases for submission DTDs.


regards, Terry

Terry Allen                             
Advanced Technology Group               
Commerce One, Inc.
Walnut Creek, Calif.

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