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regrep message

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Subject: Regrep Face-to-Face and Conf Call Reminder

>From Laura Walker's announcement:

The next OASIS Committee Meetings will be held in conjunction with the XML
One event:

 DAYS:    Thursday and Friday
 DATES:   11-12 November 1999
 LOCATION: Santa Clara, CA.
             Westin Hotel

                ROOMS: Thursday 9-5
             Winchester Room
                Alameda Room

             ROOMS: Friday 9-3
                Winchester Room
             Camino Royale Room

The following committees plan to meet on both days.

AGENDA: The Regrep TC will meet to review DTDs for submissions    

[usually the rooms get sorted out according to how many people
show up for the various committees, so you may have to check
both to see where we're actually meeting].

We won't have a dial-in number for the whole meeting, but we
will have a conference call Friday morning (note the time):

OASIS Regrep TC Conference Call
Friday 12 November 1999

 - discuss agenda, new items
 - review DTDs in detail
 - review revised THTTP
 - examine the implications of the registry interface for the work
	we've done so far
 - work out or review how to do a full (including compound) data element 
	description in the 11179 DTD
 - reminder of next face-to-face, in Philadelphia
 - new items
 - adjourn

call details:

Friday 12 Nov 99
9-10 AM Pacific
1-888-396-9927 domestic (9 lines)
415-228-4644 internat'l (1 line)
pin number: 10922
leader:  Terry Allen
confirmation number (if needed):  4524391

regards, Terry

Terry Allen                             
Advanced Technology Group               
Commerce One, Inc.
Walnut Creek, Calif.

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