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Subject: DTD.com

See the lead news entry in 'XML Industry News'




[November 22, 1999] "Lumeria Announces DTD.com, a
     Powerful New Site and Web Application for XML
     Developers. DTD.com Web Site Includes DTDfactory -- a
     DTD Editor and Validator -- and DTDwarehouse -- the
     World's Largest Repository of XML DTDs." - "Lumeria, the
     world's first infomediary incubator, today announced the
     launch of DTD.com, a ground-breaking site for web software
     developers that combines a web repository for XML DTDs
     (document type definitions) with a web-based tool for
     editing and creating DTDs. XML is the cutting-edge
     successor to HTML as the lingua franca of the web, and
     DTD.com is designed to help accelerate the adoption of
     XML. Although XML, or eXtensible Markup Language,
     offers many advantages over the more commonly used
     HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, no standard way
     exists for identifying the kind of information contained in
     XML documents and applications. DTDs reveal the specific
     tags used for identifying particular information in an XML
     document or application, such as the fare and departure
     times in an airline schedule. DTD.com offers web developers
     two free benefits. First, DTD.com provides the XML
     community with a free knowledge repository -- called the
     DTDwarehouse -- for storing and sharing DTDs and
     information about each DTD. Secondly, DTD.com gives
     away a free web-based knowledge management application,
     called the DTDfactory, which lets XML developers mine the
     data in the DTDwarehouse, create their own DTDs, validate
     them against industry standards, and share their knowledge
     of DTDs with other developers. With the goal of becoming a
     standard repository for all DTDs, DTD.com enables XML
     developers to upload their own DTDs -- whether entire
     DTDs or suggested tags -- to the DTDwarehouse to share
     with other developers. DTD.com will also aggregate these
     DTDs or tags and submit them for approval by the
     appropriate standards committees as a way of accelerating
     the standardization of XML. Lumeria has launched
     DTD.com in an effort to stem the potential fragmentation of
     XML that is likely to occur in the near future. DTD.com
     addresses this problem by creating the world's largest
     repository, where developers can share DTDs and their
     knowledge about them. The DTDwarehouse is the world's
     largest DTD repository and is stocked with over 180 DTDs
     covering a wide range of subjects, from mathematics to
     science, government, education, and personal profiling. In
     addition, DTD.com supports Lumeria's proposed new
     standard for personal profiling, called the Profile Markup
     Language (PML) -- an extremely rich profile description and
     exchange platform, which is based on XML."

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